Friday, December 19, 2008

I Was On The Radio!

I made this video about my experience with being on the radio this morning... it was so fun! I had a great time, and it was definitely worth driving in the middle of a snowstorm to get there. :]



Taren said...

What a cute story -and I love your glasses! I'm so jealous that you live where it snows a lot!

Hope. said...

I don't like my glasses, like, at all. I guess that's what happens when you have them since the second grade, lol.

I would gladly trade spots with you if it's warm where you live. I can't stand snow. Or cold. Or winter. :]


Kelsey said...

Ah, how exciting! That sounds like so much fun!

I'm with Taren, your glasses are awesome!

Northern Minnesota should be getting snow today also, we had a huge snowstorm last weekend where like EVERY town 100 miles southeast and so of us had canceled schools. We were the only ones who had school on Monday, which was not fun. But today we should get at least another 6 inches of snow on top of the foot we already have. I love snow!

stargirlreads said...

Ah to bad I cant pull off those kinds of glasses. There the best. That was a great story by the way!
We also are in a snow storm. A rarity for where I'm at

Bookworm said...

Love your glasses, Hope! I've had 'em since 3rd grade, but I just switched to contacts (so comfy)! Congrats! I love your blog. That's such a great story!


PS. Lucky you--you get snow!

Katie said...

You guys of course sounded amazing! Im so excited for you. And unlike myself you look cute with your glasses. You have seen mine and you cant deny it.

Anyway I need to talk to you about eating a healthy breakfeast! You do NOT drink MOUNTAIN DEW 4:00 in the morning before you go on the radio!!! And you do Not skip breakfeast all together! lol


Hope. said...

Kelsey ~ Blahh. I still don't like them, even if everyone that's commented has said they liked them. lol. I just love my contacts moreee. :]

Stargirlreads ~ Gahh.. I would LOVE to live where you do if it rarely snows. I hate snow.

Claire ~ I would much rather be where it doesn't snow. Thanks about the glasses - but I do like my contacts more, too! They're amazing. :]

Katie ~ Awe, thanks. :] You better have voted for us. . . . lol. Yeah, I do have to admit, that I think contacts are more your thing. . . but I still hate my glassessssss. But if you say I can pull 'em off maybe I'll wear 'em when we come back to school or something...

And I know you're always telling me about breakfast and stuff but I had a half an hour to get ready and I WAS TIRED. And needed caffine. And Mountain Dew is my form of coffee, okay? :]


Vanessa ( said...

Aww I'm so glad you won! I voted for you <3

I love your glasses too. You haven't changed them for a while? My prescription changes once a year.

And like Taren, I wish I lived where it snowed. It's so darn hot in Florida.

Hope. said...

Vanessa ~ My eyes have changed a little bit since the eighth grade, but not much. They've pretty much stayed the same. And when my eyes changed a bit, my mom didn't get me new glasses because it wasn't much and I wear my contacts a majority of the time. :] But with my glasses on I can still see everything. :]

robin_titan said...

wow that's so cool, wish I were on the radio, actually no i don't hehehe I would probably say the stupidest things on accident :)