Saturday, November 22, 2008

Death by Latte - Linda Gerber

1.) Espresso mixed with steamed mild.
2.) Energy in a to-go cup.
3.) A three-dollar method for warming up chilly seattle nights.
4.) A sometimes deadly drink.

Summary (from back of book):

Coffee can kill.

It was only a few weeks ago when Aphra Connolly's life changed completely. She had been living a quiet existence at her father's secluded island resort until Seth Mulo turned up, stole her heard - and provided information that led to her mom in Seattle. But the reunion isn't quite what she expected. Aphra's mom, Natalie, doesn't seem happy to see Aphra; and Natalie's partner, Joe, insists that Aphra go home. Even worse, Seth shows up, only to ask her to return the ring he gave her a few weeks ago. At least Natalie's hunky neighbor is sympathetic. But when Joe is found dead at a nearby coffee shop, Aphra discovers her whole trip to Seattle has been based on a lie. And now someone just might be trying to kill her. . .


This book is the sequel to Death by Bikini, which I really enjoyed. I don't really read too many mystery books, but both of these books really draw you in quickly and make you want to keep reading until it's over. The book is over before you even want it to be with all the events in it! You look up at the page numbers and you're at 50, then you're at 250 before you even realize it!

Death by Latte was a wonderful continuation of Death by Bikini. The book isn't really predictable, and you never know what kind of trouble Aphra might get herself into next.

The only thing I wish would've been better in this book was that the last about 100 pages were a bit slower. It was like BIGEVENTBIGEVENTBIGEVENTBIGEVENT moving really, really fast at the end. That's really my only critisim of this book - other than that, everything was pretty great.

I look forward to reading Death by Denim when it comes out!




YA Book Realm said...

I have this and Death by Bikini, I need to get a move on reading them. They sound like my kind of books, mystery, romance and etc.

Do you know when Death by Denim comes out? I have to buy it when it does.

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