Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cover Craziness (2)

So, last week I had a good response to the Cover Craziness idea that I thought up. I am going to do one thing though, and each week will have a different theme to it. The themes will obviously repeat every once in a while, but I think that this will just keep everything a little more organized.

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This Week's Theme: Historical Fiction

The Season - Sarah MacLean

The cover doesn't have a lot going, which is why I think I like it so much. It's not busy. And the dresses that are on the girls are really, really pretty. :)

The Red Necklace - Sally Gardner

I first saw this book when I was shelving books at the library. The cover immediatly attracted my attention, which is why this book is now sitting in my room. I'm that kind of person where if I like the cover, I'll read what the book is about. I'm glad I like this cover because it looks like a really good book! Also, how would you like doing hair like THAT every morning?! I would get sick and tired of it if it was me!

Betraying Season - Marissa Doyle

The sequel to the wonderful Bewitching Season looks just as good as the first book! The cover on the first book is okay, but this cover I think is better for some reason. I can't exactly pinpoint what it is, but I seem to like this one better. How about you: which book do you think has a better cover - Bewitching Season or Betraying Season?

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Lenore said...

I do love the creative placement of the Red Necklace.

Liviania said...

Yay, a Beach Boys fan!

They actually didn't do their hair like that everyday. The hair would be constructed into shape and they'd leave it that way for months. The especially extravagant do's were constructed around wire and pretty much pasted into place. They could get RATS living in their hair. And people wonder why there's no historical period I would like to live in. (No pretty dress is worth RATS IN YOUR HAIR.)

Hope. said...

Are you serious?! I never knew that. EWWW. Rats! I agree that no pretty dresses are worth RATS in HAIR. (I'm not too much of a dress girl, either, haha.)


Sarah MacLean said...

rats in your hair is not good. neither does it attract the menfolk, i'd guess. :)

as for your question...i've got to say that i LOVE the cover of Betraying Season...WAY more than the cover of Bewitching Season...this one seems simpler...and much much prettier.