Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Teen Tuesday: 7.15.08

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I know I scammed out last week! Sorry! I was working out at the farm again, and when I got home, I just felt like reading, so I did. :D

Last week, I read a pathetic one book. Yes, only one. It's quite sad, actually. It was awesome though - Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen. I rated it five hearts! I think I'm one of the last people in the world to read this book, but if you haven't you should go get it! To see my review of Lock and Key, click here.

This week, I know I have to read at least one book. That is 1984 by George Orwell. My history class meets three times over the summer, and we have books we have to read and papers to write and everything. This book has to be read by Monday, so when I am in the three hour drive to the Cedar Point in Ohio, I will be taking only two things in the car with me: my iPod and a copy of 1984 by George Orwell. Should be a fun time! :p

I also hope to be able to read and finish Braless in Wonderland by Debbie Reed Fischer. I have to get this one read in a certain time span, because it's a library book. I've heard good things about it, so I hope I enjoy it. I've read about three pages, and that seemed good, so... we shall see.

I am also hoping to read Talent by Zoey Dean. I've heard very mixed reviews about this book. Some people say it's good, others think it's horrible. So I guess I'll just have to wait to see. I read the first book in the A-List series and liked it, so maybe I'll like this one?

This might be wishful thinking: I am also planning on finishing (or at least starting) La Petite Four by Regina Scott. It's another one I've heard wonderful things about. It's a Class of 2k8 book, and I've enjoyed all the other 2k8 books I've read. I hope this one won't be any different!

I'm also part of the Genre of the Month. I have not read ANY vampire books since I read the Twilight series a few months back. How sad is that? I love vampire books, and I've had one sitting on my shelf for a while now that I might crack open and read sometime soon. :D I've missed vampire books!

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What have you been reading this summer? Anything good? Any required reading? Have you read any books that you just didn't like at all and had to abandon?


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