Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Teen Tuesday - Second Edition

This is my second post for Teen Tuesday, a place for teens to hang out and discuss YA books (every Tuesday, hence the name). For more information, go to http://www.teentuesday.blogspot.com.

So... I'm back again. Chelsie and Megan haven't scared me off. . . yet. Just kidding. :p They really are nice people.

I've had a pathetic reading week this week. I had church camp from Wednesday to Saturday, so I read one freaking book this week. Yes, you heard me right. One. Book. It's pathetic, I'm telling you.

I read Violet by Design by Melissa Walker, the second book in the Violet series, and I loved it. You know how in some series you read the first book and really like it, then get to the second book but it feels like the character has changed their voice? Yeah, didn't happen with the Violet series. Violet's voice stayed the same, though her character changed and learned how to fight for what she believed in, which I liked.

Right now, I'm reading Violet in Private, the third book in the Violet series, by Melissa Walker. I'm roughly around the forth or fifth chapter, and things are getting good. I HAVE TO FIND OUT IF ROGER STILL LOVES VIOLETTTT! I mean, seriously. Melissa Walker left that hanging from the second book and I have to find out now or I'm going to die!

I'm also reading The Second Summer of the Sisterhood. I read The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and I loved it, but I never got around to reading the second one. It's been sitting on my shelf forever, I've just never gotten to it. I'm on around the forth or fifth chapter, so maybe I'll finish that one this week.

Uhm... I'm reading Chill by Deborah Reber, too. This book is amazing. I got it for Pulse IT, and I couldn't wait to read it. I stress myself out wayyyy too much. For instance, the day I got the book it was the day before final exams, and I was home sick because i stressed myself out too much. The book is all about stress relieving tricks, which I need greatly

Also, still reading Slaughterhouse Five for history. I have to read it by Monday. I just don't know if I like it or not at this point...

Am I really the only one who has to read books over the summer for school? You guys are all lucky. My history teacher is going to make us write papers about the books, too... yay. (Note sarcasm.) Oh well, I signed up for the AP class, I should be able to handle the work.



Book Chic said...


YOU HAVE AN ARC OF VIOLET IN PRIVATE?!!?!?! I'm still waiting on mine, which is supposed to be coming sometime in July when the early final copies are printed up, although I'm kinda hoping it comes earlier.

How did you get it?! I am so jealous right now- I need to know the exact same thing as you! I was so upset when the second book ended like that- how could Melissa do that to her readers?!?!

Anyway, great new post. :) It's fun to read these.

Hope. said...

Yeah, you know that contest she had a while back for posting the widget of Violet in Private? I won it. :) I was soooooooooo times like ten million happy that I won. :)


Book Chic said...

Wow- go you!! Congrats!! :) I didn't even know she had her own copies still, lol.

I can't wait to hear what you think of it!

Hope. said...

I actually just finished the other day. :] The review won't be posted until the day the book is released in August, but it was amazing. :] I'm sure you'll enjoy it also when you get it. :]

She goes to Vasser and one of her roomates is a gay guy and he's freaking hilarious. :]