Friday, June 6, 2008

Summer is Finally Here! :)

Yay! It's finally summertime. I was officially done with school this morning at 11:09, all exams taken, and all went well. Except for Algebra II, but that's another story. (If I didn't live in the city were we can't have fires I'd BURN all of my Algebra notes and homework. Me and Algebra have a mutual agreement: I hate it, and it hates me.)

I know there have been considerably less reviews than usual, but I was studying a lot. They'll start showing up a lot more now that I have lots of free time. :)

I'm going on one major vacation this summer - to Yellowstone - but I should have wi-fi at all the campgrounds we're staying at, so I should be able to get you guys at least a few reviews while I'm gone for three weeks. :)

I think that's it for now. :) I just like saying the fact that it's summer again! :) Is everyone else out yet?

hope. :)


Liv said...

Ooh! Yellowstone's super fun. Congrats on finishing school and I hope you have an awesome time!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Yep Yep, it's summer here too! Been out for a little while though. :0)

YAY for being on break now though. Ew..hated Algebra.


Kyle said...

Yeah I got out on thursday! I was soo glad to get out!

Anonymous said...

I am SO jealous. We don't get out until the 13th! The last two days are half days but still. Ugh. It's WAY too hot to be in school!

Hope. said...

Liv - I know. I can't wait to go. (And I FINALLY get a digital camera out of it lol. :p)

Lauren - Lucky duck. I've wanted to get out for a LONG time... Algebra is my worst enemy.

Kyle - I've been waiting for a while. :) lol. But then today was here and it was like BAM. It's the last day of school. Wow. lol.

Harmony - A lot of schools around us don't get out until the 13th. We're out like REALLY early for the area... our last three days have been half days for exams though, so this week wasn't very long at all. :)