Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Probably My Last Post Before I Leave!

Hey, guys. I'm sorry about the lack of reviews -- it's almost finals week and school and I'm in the first segment of driver's training right now, on top of everything else, so it's been a long couple of weeks. The first segment of driver's ed is done next week, so that SHOULD give me a little more time.

I am going on vacation this weekend to be a Yupper on our property up in the UP of Michigan, so I should be able to get some reading done (I hope). I figured out how to schedule a post (FINALLY) so there will be some posts coming up when I'm gone, so make sure you check them out! One of them is a pretty sweet interview with Sara Shepard.

I'm also making some changes to the blog again. I'm going to be getting two sidebars and adding some things there. And I'm also going to start using a rating system. Everybody uses stars, and I don't feel like being normal, so I'm going to use hearts. :) Everything will be rated by hearts, one being really bad (I hope I don't have to give any out :p) and five being excellent. :)

So... if I don't talk to any of you before I leave in a few days, happy Memorial Day and if you get time off of school for it like me, enjoy it! :)


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Anonymous said...

Thats so cool about Sara Shepard I love her I definitely can't wait for that interview!