Sunday, May 4, 2008

Major Crush - Jennifer Echols

Virginia's school has always had one drum major in band. But this year, Mr. O'Toole decides to have two different drum majors - Virginia and Drew. Drew's family has always had a person be a drum major, and Virginia is the first girl drum major ever.

Mr. Rush, the new teacher, is determined to make them get along... and they end up getting along better than they ever expected... but then a twist makes the story very unpredictable and exciting.

You have to love the Simon Romantic Comedies series. They are so cute! They sometimes can get unrealistic, but they are so cute that it doesn't even matter. I, personally, can't decide if I like Major Crush or The Boys Next Door by Jennifer Echols better - they're both really good.

If you're looking for a light beach read, Major Crush is for you.


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