Saturday, April 26, 2008

Story of a Girl - Sara Zarr

Deanna was caught having sex with her brother's best friend, Tommy, when she was thirteen. At the time, Tommy was a junior in high school. Since he spread his version of the story around the school, she's been known as the school slut. She's really not a slut, and Tommy was the only one she's ever had sex with.

One summer, everything changes. She gets a job, and it just so happens that Tommy works there, also. There's tension between Darren, her brother, and Stacey, his wife. And Deanna just wants to know what it would be like to kiss Jason, her best friend - who is also her other best friend's boyfriend.

Story of a Girl is a very touching and thought provoking book. Even if you aren't known as a "slut" at your school, you can still relate to the story in some way. It's very well written and very, very realistic. Deanna isn't from a well-to-do family, she's not very rich. All she wants is for her father to be able to talk to her again; to look her in the eye.

I wouldn't recommend that you read this book if you are looking for a light, beach read type book. However, if you want to read a book that will make you think about your life, and things you wish you could change if you could, Story of a Girl by Sara Zarr is for you.



Book Chic said...

I really wanna read this book. I totally enjoyed Sweethearts and want to read more Sara, but I'm bogged down with other books at the moment. Eventually though I'll get around to it.

Great review!!

Hillary said...

This book sounds REALLY good!

BooksandLove said...

this book is now on my reading list.

Em said...

Good review! I really enjoyed this book too. :)

Teen Troves said...

Like Book Chic, I haven't read this one but I did read Sweethearts and I LOVED it!

Ms. Zarr was kind enough to grant us an interview! I really need to read this one seeing how it was a finalist for the National Book Award!!!!! Great review!