Sunday, March 23, 2008

Princess Mia - Meg Cabot

I have a liking for the Princess Diaries series. They are close to my heart, for the reason that they were the first Young Adult series - and book - that I ever read. I thought the first few books were great, but then they started losing their touch.

Princess Mia will definitely get you hooked back on the series again.

Mia is going through a rough time. She just broke up with Michael - the love of her life - and agreed to just be friends with him. Wallowing in her Hello Kitty PJ's in bed for almost a week is what follows. Her dad has enough of this and decides that she needs to get her life in order. So, she goes to see a psychiatrist.

It seems like her life might be going downhill, and that she's stuck in a deep hole and nobody can help her up, but it seems like people can. Her friends, for example, are there waiting to help her - Mia just needs to let them know.

I think this is my favorite Princess Diaries book. Mia doesn't seem immature anymore - she really grows up. She becomes more of an adult, and more like she could actually become a ruler. Meg's style is the same as it was in all the other books, which I love.

Overall, if you haven't read the Princess Diaries series, you really should. When you read them all back to back (and I'll admit, I've done this) you can really see the growth in Mia - especially in this last book.



Book~Adorer said...

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Muffins said...

I love the Princess Diaries! It got me through my teenage years. :D

I have the complete series. I started collecting it in 2004 and my last purchase was "Forever Princess" (the last book) just this year. Have you read it? :)

I even bought the in-between books (4.5, etc.). Although they're not much relevant to the series, they're still fun to read. :)